Our History


A U.S. Soldier Mission

An intent to provide an airline that’s in compliance and commitment to offer a high efficiency flight experience.

Sauveur Blanchard began his airline career at Miami Int’l Airport in 1994. He served in different capacities in the Ramp Agent handling department and progressed to Ramp Supervisor.

After leaving behind a successful Ramp Agent career, Blanchard began searching for other challenging opportunities for new skills; he joined the Army and began another career as a Petroleum Specialist in the Quartermaster Corps.

A native of Brooklyn, New York, Sauveur Blanchard enlisted in the United States Military in 2003 and while assigned to the U.S. Army, he served as a Team Leader and Platoon Sergeant with duty assignments around the world to include deployments for Operations Joint Guardian (KFOR), New Dawn, Enduring Freedom, and Iraqi Freedom. During his down time, Blanchard began to prepare for life after the Army.

His approach to business founded on his adherence to “the golden rule”, and he maintains that “treating others the way you want to be treated” is the key to building a thriving business. Knowing that Veterans are trainable, coachable, investable value drivers every corporation dream about, Blanchard plunge into entrepreneurship and founded Tropi, LLC in 2012, an airline company based in Miami, Florida that plans to operate scheduled flights between Miami and destinations in the Caribbean.


TROPI, we are certainly different than we were before 2011, and we remain an industry in transition, always striving to learn, to seek, and to adapt in meeting the needs of our customers. As an airline industry, it’s appropriate that we examine ourselves as a profession and ensure that we understand and live up to our commitment and the principles that define us as an airliner.

You are not an airline simply because you declare yourself to be one…you must earn the title every day. We review, reemphasize, and recommit to our profession. Tropi Airways is the envisaged new airline that will focus on a single class short haul and schedule flights throughout the Caribbean, and the Latin America.  We seek perfection in:

  • Provide safe and secure, market responsive air transportation

  • Provide customer oriented, prompt, efficient and friendly service

  • Provide competitive prices and enhanced in-flight meal service

  • Provide travel value and a positive difference