Air Travel



Discover the name you can trust in air travel at TROPI, LLC, in Miami, Florida. Our foundation returns to, and reinstates, a sense of comfort and an essence of hospitality into the short-haul market of business travel that other airline company's simply cannot match.

Core Values

By applying the principles of candor, commitment, competence, and courage, we nurture an airline of choice for the discerning business and leisure travelers. We accomplish this by providing a high level of service embedded in our values. 

Redefine Your Expectations

We also refine understandings and expectations of what professionalism requires. This will allow you to recommit to a culture of service you haven't yet experienced in an airline company.

Living up to Our Name

Basic quality service leaves travelers frustrated and hungering for more. We recognize this and offer true hospitality and warmth that it quintessential to the TROPI, LLC, name.