Our Company



Never be a victim of inflated airline prices again when you choose TROPI.  Based in Miami, Florida, we are the airline company dedicated to incredible service based on core values you can appreciate and trust. It is not our place to nickel and dime you. It is our responsibility to provide a comfortable and luxurious service that defines more than what we do, but who we are. While bringing together people from different nations and diverse cultures, we want you to savor the safety and consistent delivery our airline provides.


Our Commitment

We are dedicated to treating our customers by the standard without lowering it to meet their needs, and all it's done by "Going Back to the Basics":

• Committed to a Two-Class Premium Cabin Configuration
• Competitive Airfares
• No Hidden Fees
• Professionalism

By meeting TROPI, LLC, goals, we will provide a stark difference between our competitors.  TROPI, does not feel we should be charging our valued customers for things they should be getting free: including luggage, food, and refreshments.